Below is my most current Resume.  Similar to the homepage of this website, the first page outlines the design disciplines I have been involved in along with a sample project notation.  The second page contains my work experience and education.  If you have any questions, send me a note from my Contact page.  My page of references is available upon request. 

Below the resume pages is some additional personal information about me that is both useful and fun to read.


A bit more about me in the world's longest run-on sentence:

I do not smoke, I enjoy having martinis at least twice a week, I weigh exactly the same as I did when I got married-- 180 pounds (as of 21 March 2017), I have no significant health issues, I never raise my voice when I am trying to make a point, I am a Methodist and a Humanist, I keep my professional and personal lives separate (for the most part), I have been married 26 years, I have one daughter who is 25 and about to graduate from college, I am a passionate writer, I am an avid Star Trek fan (I speak Klingon--ka pla), I love to scuba dive and fly Cessna airplanes (type rated on the 172 and the Piper Cherokee) , I am constantly learning new things (especially anything related to my career), I love cats (we currently have 9), I enjoy reading (I read roughly 2 books a month--both fiction and non-fiction) and finally, I am always puzzled when people ask me "why do you want to work? (two primary reasons: because I have bills to pay and I absolutely LOVE being a creative professional designer and I am thankful to live in a universe where I can do the latter to do the former), and oh, I almost forgot, my credit score (see below) is simply awesome.