Video production involves a convergence of skills, but the most notable is the ability to tell a story and make a connection with the intended audience.

My personal video equipment inventory includes the Canon GL2 and Canon XL1-A.  I also have a good selection of tripods, LCD viewers, testing equipment, lighting, 4-channel video mixer and 16 channel audio mixer.

I work on BOTH MAC and PC platforms with such programs as Adobe Premier CS6, Final Cut Pro (Apple), Saffire Particle Illusion, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, SONY Vegas, Windows MovieMaker, and Apple iMovie.

Today, posting video online has increased the complexity and interoperability of video with marketing opportunities.  A good video producer should know some basics about CMS, LMS and CRM as well as the ability to collect analytics of posted video.

Video asset management, distribution as well as streaming opportunities are elements I have interfaced with.

Motion graphics reel 1.  This reel focuses on particle EFX which has a wide range of applications, even illustration.

Motion graphics reel 2--general elements

This was assembled as a TRT 60:00 television spot to be aired in Canadian markets for Russell Athletic Wear. I acquired this odd little assignment through ODesk. My contact gave me nothing but football clips to work with, then complained later that I needed to show more than football clips.

Set to music from the group Libera, this video won awards at the Supernatural Convention in Atlanta in 2016.

I am still in the middle of editing the documentary, Middle Class Mess. This video will squarely address how and why the middle class around the world (not just the United States) is losing the economic battle as the wealth gap increases to points not seen since the 1920s.

For the SBT WOZ performance, they needed something dramatic for the wizard hall scene. I came up with creating a looping video of the wizard's head and shooting flames that was back-projected on a screen set up on stage. It actually scared some of the younger school-age kids who attended the day-time performances.

This video for Rock & Roll Fantasy was part of a marketing campaign after I finished designing their logo, collateral and vehicle graphics.  The promotional video was placed online as a part of their website and used as a handout on DVD for anyone interested in hiring the company for an event. This has been a fun client to work with.

After video-taping the video of SBT's performance, I created s short video montage entry of the actual toy store which preceded the curtain opening

Produced for my client, Atlanta Casino Events, this video focuses on the indoor horse racing program which is the most popular program they sell for corporate events.

This short commercial for the deodorant spray Bact-o-Ban has been used solely in online venues. This is first of a series of commercials planned. I also designed the logo, packaging and support print materials for Bact-o-Ban.